28 November 2010

Nikah, Rukhsati and Valima

Nikah is the matrimonial contract between a bride and bridegroom within Islamic marriage.

Rukhsati takes place, when the groom and his family will leave together with the bride. The Qur'an is normally held over the brides head as she walks from the stage to the exit in order to bless her.

In Pakistani culture, the wedding is not the last of the wedding festivities. That would be the valima (pronounced vah-lee-ma), a lavish reception thrown by the groom’s parents. The Valima is a resplendent reception to introduce the newlyweds to the community for the first time. The valima is typically a very festive affair, with a delicious spread of food and joyous music and dancing.


Heather Marie said...

Wow Chelsea! This is all so exciting! I hope that I can meet your fiance soon! Thank you for including me in the email about your blog! I am so intruiged! Let me know if I can assist in any way! CONGRATULATIONS!

Meg said...

I am SO excited for you guys! Congratulations to you both.

Birrell Family said...

Hi Sis- What a great way to introduce your new beginnings with us :) I am so excited to meet the Khan family and join in all the festivities..... So proud of you and all that you are,sis!!!