15 March 2011

Dun dun da dun dun dun da dun!!!!!

Count 'em.....

03 March 2011

"...a total frickin' rock star from Mars..."

Hilarious distraction from wedding planning. Honestly, I could watch this all day! HILARIOUS!

02 March 2011


My wonderful bridesmaids gave me a beautiful shower on February 12th. We went to Aristo’s for lunch and the girls decorated the tables so cute! I absolutely loved it! And the best part was this fantastic scrapbook they made for everyone to write me a lovely little message. It meant so much!

01 March 2011

March 18th... Ever so Rapidly Approaching!

The 18th of this month is coming more quickly than I would have thought and I am so excited [slash] nervous! Nervous because I have come to realize that I am a perfectionist and totally worried that things may not go as planned.  I have already had several unfortunate things happen  (dress not finished on time- which it still is not and my bridals are on Saturday, diamonds falling out of my ring, running out of invitations) and as long as they happen prior to March 17th, 18th, and 19th I will be fine. Loose ends need to be tied up and a deep breath needs to be taken! Anyway....

Attn: Family Members
For Pictures on March 18th we would like you all (if possible) to wear our wedding colors.


Just a reminder to anyone who might be looking at this:

Please remember to RSVP with the number of people in your party and to which events you will be attending. The RSVP information is located on the direction portion of the invitation. Also, you can tell Harris or I if that is more convenient for you.
Thank you! Love you!