28 January 2011

Understatedly Gorgeous!

I absolutly LOVE this wedding style. It is so romantic and fresh feeling.  It has so much character, but is so simple and elegant. Go here to see all the pictures from this beautiful wedding.

27 January 2011

Oh You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby!

Working on the wedding video.... we are going to have some darn cute kids one day!!!!

Lil Harry

Harry and Jay Jay

This is by far my most favorite pic of Harris!

Chelsea got a bunny!

I wonder if our kids will have curly hair?

5 Year old portrait

17 January 2011

A Night with Hana (aka: Hana's Bridal Shower)

Hana DID NOT want a "bridal shower". She hates all the cheesy games that people play, so she refused to let us throw her a shower. So instead we threw her a little party!
Khadija, Me, Hana and Jawaria

Hana- Bride to be!

Andrea, Hana, Mya

Everyone loves lil' Hani

Cutting the Cake..... um...ha!

10 January 2011

Cute Sissy's!!!

Just some cute pics of my future sisters!

Little Diji and I on Eid

Jay and I- Going to a Valima

Diji on Eid

Dija, Me, and Jay at Hani's Party