26 October 2011

Pinterest Recreation & Linky Party

I am still officially obsessed with Pinterest. It's been months and the "newness" still hasn't worn off. I find so many good ideas! But it is time to start using the inspiration I find and put it to good use. I feel like I have definitely gotten off to a good start this Halloween!

I found this adorable wreath on Pinterest, submitted by Craft-a-holics Anonymous. When I saw it I just knew I had to make it!

Because of this post I am linking up with All Things Lovely's Pinterest Recreation Linky Party.

Ps. I am now in LOVE with Craft-a-holics Anonymous! She has tons of cute ideas!


19 October 2011

My Husband is a SUPER STAR!

Harris' film debut!

Oh he said to just email him if you would like an autograph :)

Diet Coke Addiction

So as most of you family and friends know our family has a giant addiction to Diet Coke. My mother, aunts, uncles, cousins, Marcie (but hers is Diet Pepsi- same thing)... basically everyone related to me LOVES Diet Coke, and this of course includes myself. I have been an on again off again drinker for years and now I am once again trying to beat this addiction. I am totally inspired by my mom, who has drank DC consistently for 25 years and has now gone completely off the stuff.
Also, Harris and I are trying to get back to our healthy lifestyle that we had adopted last spring, but lost when Ramadan started. This includes daily exercising, eating right, and no pop (only me- Harris doesn't have this problem). So now, it has been 5 days since the last DC and I am feeling good. I am hoping to keep it up and that it will help me to lose the weight that was gained in the last 2 months (sad face). Keep your fingers crossed for me!


17 October 2011

Boston: Part 3

Okay this is the last of the pictures from our trip. We finish up with Plymouth Rock, Martha's Vineyard, and Harvard with Tori and Shero!! We were lucky enough to have Tori and Shero meet us and hang with us for a day of our trip. Shero just graduated from Harvard Law this past Spring so he made the perfect tour guide for us! 
All in all this was such an amazing trip. I had such a great time with the hubs- I love traveling with my bay! 
More pics for your enjoyment!

Plymouth, MA
Mayflower II

The ACTUAL Plymouth Rock!

Martha's Vineyard

Restaurant with the best lobster roll and best view! 

Harvard, MA
Lil Miss Tori and I

Tori and Shero

I guess the students at Harvard have to somehow have fun on campus....

Cutest bench!

Front Gate of Harvard


Boston: Part 2

So its been a really busy week getting back in the swing of things and I just haven't felt like posting pics, but now its time to get back to the blogging business. 

And now that I have gotten a little bit of time-- on to more Boston pictures....

Mmmm...... Dunkin!

 Harris thought this was hilarious!

 Salem, MA

 Graveyard in Salem. This was so cool- Halloween was in full swing in here too!

One of the best parts of the trip! History, witches, conspiracy... what more could you want?

Cobblestones in Faneuil Hall... and my new oxfords. 

 Feeling crazy on our ghost tour! 

 Freedom Trail..... Old Town Hall.

James Otis' Grave

John Hancock

 Paul Revere's Grave

Omni Park House- two floors of haunted-ness!

Ben Franklin

Our awesome tour guide!

Boston Harbor

New England Aquarium