22 April 2011


March 19, 2011
Joseph Smith Memorial Building

21 April 2011


Wedding Reception
Eaglewood Golf Course, Bountiful

20 April 2011

Wedding Day

Wedding Day
March 18, 2011

My bridesmaids doing up my many buttons

My "Something Blue"

Flower Girls

Dad and Dayna

My groom and father in-law


14 April 2011

More Mehndi!!!!

More Mehndi Pictures for you all!

Ace feeding me a grape!

Loving the Indian dancing going on!

Tori, my pretty niece

Hana and her cute mama

Aunt LeeAnn and Mom- wow they look a like!

Sakina with the stolen shoe

Harry's boys there for "shoe" back-up

My lovely sissy's!

13 April 2011


March 17, 2011

My Mehndi Work

Sawaiba, Chelsea, Harris, Khadija, Jawaria

My Beautiful Mother in her cute Pakistani Clothes

Diji, Sabi, Sarah

Uncle Joe and my wonderful new mother in-law

Bridesmaids: Jena, Tori, Marcie

Bargaining to get the shoe back... or at least trying to....

Mama Jill trying to hold onto the shoe... for dear life

The girls finally got thier money!
Sakina and Lolo