28 September 2011

10 Books I Should Have Read in College

So I have a feeling that I have missed out on reading some great books in my college or high school career. People are always talking about the famous classics that unfortunately I never read. I plan on starting on my list as soon as I am done with the third book from the Hunger Games trilogy (which is amazing by the way, and you should read ASAP).

And here it is:

1. The Catcher in the Rye
J. D. Salinger

2. Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë

3. Lord of the Flies
William Golding

4. Animal Farm
George Orwell

5. The Grapes of Wrath
John Steinbeck

6. Vanity Fair
William Thackeray

7. Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen

8. Lolita
Vladimir Nabokov

9. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
 Mark Twain

10. The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

22 September 2011

California Adventure

Last weekend the hubs and I went to Southern California for his good friends wedding. It was a lot of fun, because we got to go with six other of our good friends. We were able to attend a party, hang out in Newport, drove the PCH, went to the San Diego Zoo, and went to a fabulous wedding! 
Unfortunately I had a little cold the whole time, but that didn't stop us from eating 130 hot wings or spending 3 hours at the at South Coast Plaza. 
PK Party in Anaheim Hills

San Diego Zoo


21 September 2011

Accent Nail and LMM Give Away

Lately on Pinterest I have been seeing a lot of glitter accent nails. This is when you only paint one of your fingernails with a glitter polish. So I decided to try it myself....

I kinda like it- fun! Find me on Pinterest to see more.

Also, dont forget to check out the give away from Little Miss Momma.
It is design by Lisa Leonard and they are beautiful!

20 September 2011

Blog Stalking Again- Little Miss Momma

So I love to blog stalk! I follow several blogs that I just love and one of those is Little Miss Momma. I love her blog and all the cute tutorials and ideas she has.  Today she is having a great give away from Lisa Leonard Designs. Make sure you go to LMM's giveaway and check it out!

13 September 2011

Flash Back!

So I LOVE to blog-hop (this is what I have decided to call my obsession with blog stalking)! And lately I have run on to some really cute ones, unfortunately for me they are all about baby. And since, I do not have a baby I like to just get decorating ideas (no I am not "baby hungry"). Anyway, while I was "blog-hopping" I happened upon this post from Little Lovely. And I about died! I had one of these very same booster seats from the time I was born till I was about 8 years old (yes, I have always been very short) I used this thing! It was all I could do to hold myself back from purchasing one of these for my future children! Love them and think they are so cute!

12 September 2011

Fall Fashion

So it is finally starting to cool off here in Utah and I am so greatful for the break from 95+ degree weather. The only problem is that means winter is on its way {frown}. Winter is not my favorite season, but I do love the short {very very short} fall we get... and above all fall fashion is my favorite!

Here are a few items I "NEED" for this upcoming season!

1. Colored Tights, J. Crew
2. Chiffon Blouse, Forever 21
3. Brown Bomber Jacket, Target
4. Brown Boots, Steve Madden
5. Over-the-knee Lace Socks, Urban Outfitters
6. Chunky Knit Neck Warmer, Etsy

To see more fall fun find me on Pinterest!

07 September 2011


Preface: My hubby is the best in the world (fact)!

Since the first of Ramadan I don't think I have been drinking enough water and it has taken its toll on my skin (among other things). I never had acne as a kid/ teenager, but since about 21 I have had adult acne and it is horrible! But the past few weeks have been the worst I have ever seen. My skin just won't clear up... I have been really careful about what towels I use, washing the pillow cases and sheets, I even purchased new make-up brushes.
And here is where my cute husband comes in... Guess what he got me for my Eid gift....?

I am really excited about it and I am hoping it will help. Everyone raves about it and my sister in-laws face has been so clear since she started using it 3 months ago.
I will update in a few months and let you know how it is going!
Thanks, Booboo (aka: husband)!

06 September 2011

Football Game, Crafts, and Random Thoughts.....

One of my best friends lil' bro plays varsity football for Viewmont High. And being the wonderful sissy that she is, Tori, goes to most of his games. And using her charm she likes to talk us into going with her.... So I know that Viewmont was pretty much one of our biggest rivals when I was in high school (Bountiful Braves- woohoo!), but I was still cheering them on!
Football Game Realizations: 
1. Once the sun goes down it is freezing out. Time to start bringing a sweater.
2. High School kids are just babies. I remember thinking I was so grown-up at 17. Boy was I WRONG!

So like I said in my previous post: I am in love with "crafting" right now.... This is what my weekend after the football game looked like....

First I got out my supplies: hot glue gun, remnant gray satin, gray felt.....

This was a really old necklace that I never wore.

With the fabric, glue, and old necklace.... I made something new and cute!  (bad picture though)

Then I decided to make these bib necklaces for my sister in-laws.

And finally I made another wreath. I had already made one for myself using this tutorial.
I made this one for my mother in-law. I just love it!

02 September 2011

Back to the blog world....

I have decided to come back... back from a long summer of being lazy! I initially started this blog as a wedding blog. This was to keep my family and friends updated on all the happenings with the "mixed" wedding.  Now I think I will continue to keep it going (who knows if anyone actually reads this or not) and blog about us and what we are up to.

So recently, I have become obsessed with anything DIY! I have found such great tutorials and ideas- thanks to blog stalking and Pinterest! I don't know what it is....because I haven't ever been crafty before.... Maybe it's owning my own home or maybe it is the "being married, living in Kaysville syndrome" that is rubbing off on me. Whatever it is I am having a lot of fun with it!

Here is one of my oh-so-crafty-projects....

I found mis-matched frames at D.I. and painted them all white. Then I found yellow, gray, and white scrapbook paper, that matched our guest room.... and TA-DA! All of which cost me about $12!

I got the idea from this adorable nursery.