06 September 2011

Football Game, Crafts, and Random Thoughts.....

One of my best friends lil' bro plays varsity football for Viewmont High. And being the wonderful sissy that she is, Tori, goes to most of his games. And using her charm she likes to talk us into going with her.... So I know that Viewmont was pretty much one of our biggest rivals when I was in high school (Bountiful Braves- woohoo!), but I was still cheering them on!
Football Game Realizations: 
1. Once the sun goes down it is freezing out. Time to start bringing a sweater.
2. High School kids are just babies. I remember thinking I was so grown-up at 17. Boy was I WRONG!

So like I said in my previous post: I am in love with "crafting" right now.... This is what my weekend after the football game looked like....

First I got out my supplies: hot glue gun, remnant gray satin, gray felt.....

This was a really old necklace that I never wore.

With the fabric, glue, and old necklace.... I made something new and cute!  (bad picture though)

Then I decided to make these bib necklaces for my sister in-laws.

And finally I made another wreath. I had already made one for myself using this tutorial.
I made this one for my mother in-law. I just love it!

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