02 September 2011

Back to the blog world....

I have decided to come back... back from a long summer of being lazy! I initially started this blog as a wedding blog. This was to keep my family and friends updated on all the happenings with the "mixed" wedding.  Now I think I will continue to keep it going (who knows if anyone actually reads this or not) and blog about us and what we are up to.

So recently, I have become obsessed with anything DIY! I have found such great tutorials and ideas- thanks to blog stalking and Pinterest! I don't know what it is....because I haven't ever been crafty before.... Maybe it's owning my own home or maybe it is the "being married, living in Kaysville syndrome" that is rubbing off on me. Whatever it is I am having a lot of fun with it!

Here is one of my oh-so-crafty-projects....

I found mis-matched frames at D.I. and painted them all white. Then I found yellow, gray, and white scrapbook paper, that matched our guest room.... and TA-DA! All of which cost me about $12!

I got the idea from this adorable nursery.

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