08 January 2012

Bri's Wedding

My beautiful niece went from Miss to Mrs last night! It was such a fun wedding and of course she looked stunning!
I wish Bri and Kurt all the happiness the future has to offer! 

The beautiful bride.

Kurt and Bri

One of my favorite people, Lolo.

Mama Jill, Sissy Mitzi, Me

Mom, Dad, Doki (just and all American family- ha)

Mom and Mitzi

Me and the hubs.

Me and Lolo- she is so pretty!


Emi- ah she is so freaking cute!

Our impression of the FB kissy face!

Cutest boys ever!

Mitz and Em

All Bri wanted at her wedding was dancing....

...and more dancing...

Sissy and Dad

I LOVE my family!

03 January 2012

Holiday Recap!

I can't believe the holiday season has already come and gone! I swear it arrives sooner and becomes shorter every year. It's not fair! Anyway, we had a great time these past few weeks. Here are some pictures of us and how we spent our holiday's!

Christmas Day:
This year Harris and I did Christmas Eve at our house with Mama Jill. Mom usually has a big party on Christmas Eve, but she was feeling a little under the weather and didn't have the time or energy to do it this year. So we decided to play it low key and have a quite dinner with her, the Griswold's, and our 3 ft. tree.
Christmas morning we opened presents and had breakfast at Mom's with our cute Santa Pup. Later we traveled to Aunt Lee Ann's house and had dinner with Nan and all the cousins!

Anniversary Dinner:
Once a month Harris and I try to do a special dinner to celebrate our anniversary. It was his idea to do this for the first year of our marriage. We try to do it on the actual date (the 18th), but it doesn't always work out that way. We ended up missing November all together and didn't get to December till the 30th. So, we decided to go for a little extra "bang" and go to Tuscany! Let me just say... it was delicious!
The picture on the left is a Christmas Tree that was made entirely out of glass. It was really beautiful and very interesting, like something out of Alice in Wonderland,  but you can hardly see it in this horrible iPhone pic.

New Years Day:
Welcome 2012! Harris' parents had a big party on Sunday to celebrate the new year. It is always fun to dress up in our fancy clothes and show them off. Even Harris and Zuhaib got into it..... umm...