22 February 2012

Pastels Were Made For Spring!

I am so in love with the new colors for spring this year!!! All of the pale pinks, mellow yellows, and soft greens just make me melt. I told the hubs this and he made fun of me saying (in a most sarcastic tone), "Wow, Chels, pastels in spring... who would have thought it?" What a junk right!?!?!
Anyway, I thought I would share with you readers (Khadija, Felicia, and Karlee- because I know you girls are the only people that look at my blog) some of my favorite pastels for this new season.


Essie Nail Polish in: a crewed interest, cocktail bling, to buy or not to buy, and tart deco 





17 February 2012

How I LOVE Adele- Let me Count the Ways!

I have this deep love for Adele's music (as I am sure most of you do as well). She has this phenomenal voice and lyrics that seem to be written just for me (or you). And now after her interview on 60 minutes last Sunday I LOVE her even MORE! 

Watch the interview and I know you will feel the same way!

I love when she says, "It's just little 'ol me." ADORABLE!

14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!

My hubby is the BESSSSTTTTT! He sent me these beautiful flowers today! I just love that man!

Funnies on Valentines...

For more funny stuff... PINTEREST

09 February 2012

Things That Must Go Thursday- Shopping/ Fashion Edition

1. J.Crew thinking that they can charge $800 for a sweater!
WHO does J.Crew think they ARE?? I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE J.Crew's style. I would buy my entire wardrobe from there if I could, but I CAN'T because I am not going to spend my entire pay check on 2 items! It is obscene that they think can charge $300 for a sweater, $100 for a T-shirt, and $700 for a sundress! This is J.Crew not Chanel!

2. Express putting glitter in EVERYTHING!
Okay so I really like Express' dress clothes for work (slacks, button-ups, cardigans, etc.), but have you ever noticed that 90% of their clothing has some kind of glitter in it?!?! It's like they want you to look like New Years Eve all year round. I just do not understand this fashion theory at all! I have to be very careful with what I buy from there- I can walk into the store and see a super cute scarf and as soon as I get close enough I realize it is covered in glitter and that's the end of that.
Dear Express- I do not want to look like my 5 year old niece picked out my top because it was "sparkly"!

3. Alexis Chung as Fashion Icon
For a long time I did not know who this person was that I kept reading about on fashion blogs or hearing about on E!News (don't judge me). Thinking that this girl must have fabulous taste I was intrigued... then I looked into it... I think this picture says it all....

4. Re- purposing old clothing for something "new"
I am all about DIY, refinishing old furniture, Deseret Industries, etc. But what I don't think is okay is when people take ratty old t-shirts to make some "hot" tank top! I mean REALLY? You can't spring the $7 at Target for a new one? And who are you fooling, that doesn't look sassy and new... it looks like you cut up a RATTY OLD T-SHIRT!

06 February 2012

Jazz Game and Superbowl!!!

This last weekend was so much fun! Friday night we went to Wise Guys with our cute friends Felly and Greg and saw Ryan Hamilton- he is hilarious! 
Saturday we went to the Jazz vs. Lakers game and it was awesome. Jazz kicked some L.A. Laker butt! It was a good game because it was back and forth all night and we got to see a fist fight up close and personal! Yup that's right, Jazz Fan vs. Laker Fan got in a fist fight 2 rows in front of us! Nutty! 
... oh and I got a churro which made the game all that much better! 
Then we had a chill Superbowl Sunday with the fam. It was fun just to hang out in our PJ's and eat junk food all day. Too bad the Patriots lost, but lets be honest Tom Brady still went home to Gisele, who's the real winner here???

Me and my baby! Go Jazz!

Harris in is 49ers jersey- ya babe we all wish they were there! 

Superbowl Sunday!!! Love it!