06 February 2012

Jazz Game and Superbowl!!!

This last weekend was so much fun! Friday night we went to Wise Guys with our cute friends Felly and Greg and saw Ryan Hamilton- he is hilarious! 
Saturday we went to the Jazz vs. Lakers game and it was awesome. Jazz kicked some L.A. Laker butt! It was a good game because it was back and forth all night and we got to see a fist fight up close and personal! Yup that's right, Jazz Fan vs. Laker Fan got in a fist fight 2 rows in front of us! Nutty! 
... oh and I got a churro which made the game all that much better! 
Then we had a chill Superbowl Sunday with the fam. It was fun just to hang out in our PJ's and eat junk food all day. Too bad the Patriots lost, but lets be honest Tom Brady still went home to Gisele, who's the real winner here???

Me and my baby! Go Jazz!

Harris in is 49ers jersey- ya babe we all wish they were there! 

Superbowl Sunday!!! Love it!

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