09 February 2012

Things That Must Go Thursday- Shopping/ Fashion Edition

1. J.Crew thinking that they can charge $800 for a sweater!
WHO does J.Crew think they ARE?? I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE J.Crew's style. I would buy my entire wardrobe from there if I could, but I CAN'T because I am not going to spend my entire pay check on 2 items! It is obscene that they think can charge $300 for a sweater, $100 for a T-shirt, and $700 for a sundress! This is J.Crew not Chanel!

2. Express putting glitter in EVERYTHING!
Okay so I really like Express' dress clothes for work (slacks, button-ups, cardigans, etc.), but have you ever noticed that 90% of their clothing has some kind of glitter in it?!?! It's like they want you to look like New Years Eve all year round. I just do not understand this fashion theory at all! I have to be very careful with what I buy from there- I can walk into the store and see a super cute scarf and as soon as I get close enough I realize it is covered in glitter and that's the end of that.
Dear Express- I do not want to look like my 5 year old niece picked out my top because it was "sparkly"!

3. Alexis Chung as Fashion Icon
For a long time I did not know who this person was that I kept reading about on fashion blogs or hearing about on E!News (don't judge me). Thinking that this girl must have fabulous taste I was intrigued... then I looked into it... I think this picture says it all....

4. Re- purposing old clothing for something "new"
I am all about DIY, refinishing old furniture, Deseret Industries, etc. But what I don't think is okay is when people take ratty old t-shirts to make some "hot" tank top! I mean REALLY? You can't spring the $7 at Target for a new one? And who are you fooling, that doesn't look sassy and new... it looks like you cut up a RATTY OLD T-SHIRT!


I'm A. said...

Amen about J.Crew. No I don't want a $300 skinny belt. Oi. I think it makes me even more mad because secretly I actually do want a $300 skinny belt.

PS. Thanks for being so awesome that you noticed C's sparkly finger. I knew I could count on you. :)

Felicia said...

hahahaha! This is a dang good post. I agree with everything you said! It's really true about silly express sparkles. I like a bit of bling here and there, but they have that sparkly thread going thru every sweater/scarf/shirt in the whole store!