20 March 2012

1st Anniversary & a Birthday!!

March has turned into a very busy month for us. March includes mom's birthday, Harris' birthday, Hana's birthday, Marcie's birthday, and our anniversary (not to mention midterms!).  H said if we have a kid we have to make sure that he/she will not be born in March! 

Last Friday was Mama Jill's Birthday. We were lucky enough to snag some tickets to a pre-opening dinner for the new Cheesecake Factory at City Creek. So H and I took mom and Nan out for her birthday dinner.

To celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary H and I went up to Midway to spend the night at an awesome B&B: Johnson Mill. It was so nice to relax and get a mini vacation from normal life. I still cannot believe that we have been married an entire year. It seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for the wedding. Where does the time go?!?! I can say that this has been the best year of my life! 

Driving Up to Midway (this is the face that he gives me when I tell him to smile)!!

Johnson Mill. Lovely.

Balcony off our room (it was a lot prettier after the snow storm).

The loft in our room. If I ever build a house I want a "reading loft".

Dinner- best churros ever!

Main Street, PC.

@ brunch.

One year ago, on March 18th, 2011, I married the most wonderful man in the world.
 I fall more in love with him every day.
He is my best friend.
He knows me and he gets me.
He makes me smile.
He makes me happier than I ever imagined I could be.
 I love my husband and he loves me.

I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us...
Eaglewood, March 18th 2011

15 March 2012

I Baked... {gasp!}

Let me first start out by saying that I CAN cook, I just choose the more efficient way to go about meals... and NOT cook. At this point in my life I do not see the point of making elaborate meals, desserts, etc. 
1- it's only H and I. Who likes to put all that work into only feeding two people?? And 2- if I made yummy things to eat, well... we would EAT them! I mean we would eat them ALL! One batch of cookies would not be divided between several people, children, or pets, but gobbled down by only the 2 of us (it's true- we have no self control). And this is tragic when we are both trying to get in shape. Therefore I choose not to cook (unless grilled chicken counts)...

So it was a bit of surprise to my coworkers on Monday when I brought in some homemade goodies! I have been obsessed with party planning websites/ blogs lately (when I grow up I would love to be a party or event planner, but that is for another post). And on all these sites there is an abundance of cake pops- seriously at almost every party a cake pop makes an appearance. So I got to thinking that they would be really cute for the baby shower that I am throwing for my cute cousin this spring. But since I am not quite experienced in the baking department I figured I should do a trial run first.... 

First... our supplies: chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, candy melts, lollipop sticks.

Then... bake cake. let cool. crumble cake. stir in frosting.

Next... rolled cake into balls. inserted lollipop sticks. froze for 1 hour. melted coating. dipped cake. let cool.

Finished result.... very yummy!
I think they turned out pretty good, considering it was the first time. However, I am SO glad that I decided to make them once before using them for any parties.  There are several things I learned that I should and shouldn't do....

1. Once cake and frosting is mixed put in the fridge.
This will harden the mix a bit and will make the balls easier to make.

2. Use white or yellow cake mix with the lighter colored coating.
The chocolate showed through the yellow a bit.

3. Mix the yellow candy melts with white.
The yellow was super bright and I think it needs to be toned down a bit.

4. Dip lollipop sticks in melted candy before inserting into the cake pop.
This will make the pop more sturdy when dipping.

5. Need stand to hold pops.
The pops didn't look as pretty as I wanted. 
I just put them back on the baking sheet instead of putting them up in a stand to dry.

12 March 2012

Our Weekend via iPhone Pics

Here is a little glimpse into what we did this weekend... via iPhone pics (that is now fixed and as good as new!)....

Friday was Baby Kinley's 1st Birthday! Her amazing momma (my cousin, Chantal) hosted such a cute party
for her with all the hot pink a lil' princess would want!

Saturday the Hubs and I went to Eva with our friends.
Nine of us crammed into a table meant for six- ha! But it was a good way for everyone to participate in the conversation... and Eva's flat bread is TO DIE!!

Sunday I decided to be ambitious in the kitchen and I made Cake Pops for the first time!
I am throwing a few showers this spring and want to add these to the menu, but I needed to make sure that I could actually do it. And If I do say so myself- they turned out pretty dang yummy!

01 March 2012

New Blog Layout & Laguna Beach

New Blog Layout

So I was really board with my blog so I decided to redo it. I figured it would be easy and quick... then I started looking at other people's layouts, graphics, fonts and before I knew it 2 hours had passed and all I had accomplished was changing the font and rearranging the gadgets.... Let me just say that I have a new appreciation of anyone that does blog/website and graphic design. I didn't even have to re-code anything and it still took me forever!
Then I decided to make my own banner... This very simple banner that you see at the top of my page took me ANOTHER 2 HOURS!!!!  I think it is safe to say that I know why people PAY other people to do this for them! Well so far I like the changes I made, but of course I am not done.... I'll probably have to take another 4 hours to finish it!

Laguna Beach

Harris and I got to go to Southern California a few weeks ago. We got to spend a few days on the beach just surrounded by beauty! It was so nice to get out of the cold, if only for a little while!

Beautiful beach 30 seconds from the house

{don't mind my fuzzy hair from the humidity!}

Beach House- Living Room {looks like something out of Martha Stewart Living}

Beach House- Kitchen

Beach House- Amazing entryway

Balboa Island

Ferry Ride to Balboa Island {we both forgot our sunglasses}

Cruising the Boardwalk from Laguna to Huntington

The REAL meaning of a Beach Cruiser

Laguna Beach

Beach House- Dana Point