29 December 2011

Things That Must Go Thursday!

Another list of Chelsea's Things That Must GO!!!

1. New Swim Suits in December
I was at Target yesterday (my home away from home) and I saw that they already had their new swimming suits for the season out! WHAT?!! We really haven't even gotten winter yet and that means that winter in Utah will now last till June! Who is buying  a swim suit right now and waiting till June to wear it!? This is insanity. This goes right along with stores selling Christmas Decorations in August.

2. Ring-Back Tones
I honestly do not want to be forced to listen to some dumb song that YOU like. You aren't listening to this song, because you aren't calling your own cell phone, right?!?! If you like the song, then use it as your ring tone, but I don't like the song and I don't want to listen to it when I call you!

3. Network TV Stations Hiatus During The Holidays
Between the middle of December and the first week of January I happen to have a lovely break from school. And of course this is the time that television likes to air lame specials, re-runs, made for TV movies, etc. I have not been able to enjoy any of my favorites and won't, because the all start up when I return to school! Damn you Network Television!

4. Having Zits in Your 20's
I never had a zit the entire time I was going through puberty/ adolescents, but as soon as the roaring 20's hit my skin started to HATE ME!

1 comment:

Aileen said...

I love re-runs! I think the holiday break is just part of Christmas tradition, it just contributes to the feeling! :)
I kinda like ringback tones too, it just depends on which provider you got, some just offer top 40 stuff that you hear anywhere else anyway, mine (that´s ECT: http://www.ect-ringback.com/)allowed me to customize my own ring, which I think could be fun if you don´t push it too far... better than the usual ring-ring tone, right?
I agree with you about over-20 zits though - worst thing on earth!!!