15 December 2011

Santa, I Have Been Very Good This Year!!!

Finals are OVER!!! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! I am so relieved to have them over and done with. I am so happy that my professors are on the ball, because I already got some of the grades back and I did pretty darn good this semester... So that means....

Dear Santa,
Because I am on the nice list please review the list below :)

1. Kolja Mirror, Ikea
2. Astrid Wall Lamp, Ikea
3. Leksvik Desk (vanity table), Ikea
4. Paper Cutter, (any store/ any brand- just a nice one)
5. Tunic Sweater in "Cool Earth", Express
6. Nils Stool, Ikea
7. Combined Court Shoe, Zara

(if you can't tell I really want to set up my vanity area)

 Ahhh! I can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away!

1 comment:

Aileen said...

I´ve got the same lamp! Did Santa bring it to you after all?
I love Ikea stuff, sometimes I have the feeling everybody has the same things at home but in the end they look so good...