01 December 2011

Things That Must Go Thursday

Alright so it’s not that I have been in a cranky mood as of late but I have been very in- tune with my feelings of annoyance with the world around me.  So I decided to put my annoyance to good use and share it here.
This is my list of Things that must go!
(Starting off with the one I hate the most)

1. Keep Calm and {insert stupid phrase here}
I hate these signs so much no words can even convey my loathing! I want to know who started this trend and then I will hunt them down and b*%*h slap them!

I just threw up a little.

2. 40 year old women with pig-tails and tennis skirts at the gym
First of all you are no longer 7 years old and therefore should never put your hair in pigtails. Second, you are not on the tennis court nor do you look like Anna Kournikova. There is no reason why walking on a treadmill at Gold’s gym would require you to wear this outfit.

3. Pink and teal Christmas decorations
Since when did Christmas start looking like Easter? Last time I checked Santa’s suit is red, Christmas trees are green, and snow is white…

4.  Family stick-figure decals on the backs of Suburban’s and Mini Van’s
Cool you have 6 kids, 2 cats, 4 gold fish, 3 birds and a dog…. Oh and it looks like each of the kids plays a different sport… Hooray! I mean really, guys! C’mon!

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Jordan said...

Oh Chels! I love you! This post sure made me giggle!